Move my course from Vista8 to Blackboard Learn

Please complete this form to request content to be copied from your course in Vista8.0 ( )to the new CMS, Blackboard Learn (9.1). You DO NOT need to fill this form if you are going to start with a fresh blank course in the new system. For details please visit
Move my course from Vista8 to Blackboard Learn- For Faculty use ONLY

Vista will no longer available starting Aug 25th 2012. Please have all your requests for migrations in asap. Please provide as much detail as possible. Please use this form to request your course content to be migrated from Vista to Blackboard learn. Student data will NOT be migrated. Please follow these steps to download and save your student data from Vista courses.

Once course content is migrated to Learn you MUST log in to Learn and check to make sure all your content has transferred successfully. When you are ready you can copy content from migrated section to your Banner Section.
Identifying Course Codes :
201210- Spring2012
201260- Summer2012
201180- Fall2011